Hi Folks! First of all, we here at Phantom EFX want to take a moment and send a BIG THANK YOU for your support of Reel Deal LIVE. Without you, Reel Deal LIVE would not be the game we envisioned!

As you know, we are always working to improve your experience in the world’s ONLY virtual online casino, so hold on to your seats because it’s going to get CRAZY!!!

So, let’s get to the upcoming changes to Reel Deal LIVE! First, you probably have noticed all the visual changes we’ve released recently including colorful new interfaces and chat boxes. We’ve made improvements so your choices are easier to make, and better looking.

Here are a few more EXCITING changes and additions we have made:

  • Guild vs Guild Tournaments

    YES! They are finally here! It’s been a long time coming, but “THE WAIT IS OVER”! You and your fellow guild mates will be able to challenge other guilds for higher rankings and great rewards. We will also have intra-guild tournaments as well.

    NPC Charm Quests tiers 4 and 5 are being released. These new tiers offer 70 new Charm Quests, with the majority of them using the Far East and Imperial Fortune slot machines. 
  • Powers Progression system

    All New Power Progression System with a New Power to learn! This new progression system comes with 30 of its own quests to keep you challenged.
  • NEW LEVELS and Higher limits

    We are adding 10 new levels with higher slot denominations, table game stakes, and poker sit-ins!
  • New Tutorial Levels 1 – 10

    If you have friends who have had a hard time understanding the game, or perhaps the same can be said for you, we are adding an easy-to-follow tutorial system to show you the in’s and out’s of the game. Check it out!
  • “Spirits of the Zodiac” another AMAZING Out of Casino  Experience!

    If you liked our last out of casino experience, the Pirate Adventure, this one will blow your socks off!  Travel through 4 mystical locations to free the Zodiac signs, gather relics, and beat challenges with the help of your very own Spirit Guide. Explore the Mountaintops, Island, Plains, and the Bamboo Forest in your quest to defeat the Evil Sorcerer!

Keep in mind that we are just scratching the surface with the announcements and updates that will go live in 2010. This is going to be a BIG year for Reel Deal LIVE, and we know you will continue to have a blast.

Make sure to log into Reel Deal LIVE on March 10th to check out all of the new content, tournaments, “Spirits of the Zodiac” adventure, and much much more!!!

All the best!

The Phantom EFX Team

Reel Deal Live is trademark of Phantom EFX. Copyright 2011